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Apple Valley Campground Rules

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Thank you for choosing to stay at Apple Valley Campground.  We are proud of our campground, and happy to have you as our guest.  We will do everything possible to ensure you have am enjoyable camping experience.

Updated 2022 Rules:

Apple Valley Campground Rules

Apple Valley Campground is intended to be a friendly, family oriented campground.  We reserve the right to evict anyone who does not comply with these Rules and Regulations which are intended to make your stay more enjoyable.  However, anyone evicted, will not receive a refund, and shall be required to immediately vacate the site.

REGISTRATION: All camper’s visitors and pets must register upon arrival and prior to entering the campground, per Maine State Law.  All fees must be paid in advance at the office and a valid state issued ID is required of all adults.

Campsite Check-in Time: 1:00PM – Dusk & Check-out: 11:00AM. If checking in after dusk, please contact the office to make arrangements. A $20.00 fee for early arrival or late check-out. 

Please NO walking across other’s campsites occupied or vacant.   

VISITORS: Visitors are welcome, however they are REQUIRED to register upon arrival at the office, show a valid state issued ID, pay visitors fee and obtain a parking pass.  Pets must also be registered.  Visitors must depart the campground by 10:00PM unless registered as an overnight guest by 8:00PM in the office.  Registered campers are responsible for ensuring their visitors have properly registered and that all campground rules are obeyed.  They are liable for any damage incurred by their guest or themselves.


Speed limit to be adhered by ALL i.e.; autos, golf carts, bicycles, etc. No motorized or any battery operated children’s riding toys allowed in park.  For everyone’s safety, parents should make sure all children on bikes are back at their campsite before dusk.  Bicycle riding after dusk is not permitted.  Maine law requires all children riding bicycle under the age of 16 years must wear a helmet.  

QUIET HOURS:  10:00 PM to 8:00 AM, Sunday thru Thursday, then Friday & Saturday until 11PM.  All daily visitors/guests are required to leave at this time unless registered as an overnight guest in the office by 8:00 PM.  The quality of rest and relaxation is important to all campers, so please be considerate of those around you and refrain from loud noises and disturbances.  Please be aware that normal speaking voices, Tv’s radios do carry.  Please ensure your children under 18 years remain on a site supervised by an adult by dusk. 

RESTROOMS:  To avoid accidents and injuries, all children under the age of 12 MUST BE accompanied by an adult in the restrooms. Toilet paper is the only flushable product. Please do not flush sanitary products, baby wipes, face wipes or anything other than toilet paper. Cleanliness of restrooms is encouraged.  Please help keep bath houses clean and report any problems to the office immediately.    

LAUNDRY ROOM: They are coin operated washers and dryers open 24 hours.  These are high efficiency machines and require a small amount of detergent.  Excessive detergent will not only damage machines but overflow with suds.  DO NOT overload the machines by the washing of rugs, sleeping bags, quilts or large items, please bring these to the laundromat that has jumbo washers made for those items.   Children under age are not allowed to operate machines and must be supervised by an adult in laundry area.   Please remove clothing promptly from machines so others may not have to wait to use them.  

POOL:  Children under 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult.  Infants in diapers must wear swimming diapers or swim pants (available in our store).  No food or beverages in glass containers allowed in the pool area, no pets and no smoking allowed in the pool area.  Horseplay in the pool area is strictly prohibited.  Swimming in the pool is at your own risk, there is NO LIFE GUARD ON DUTY.   In case of an emergency tell the office & dial 911 immediately.

TRASH:  Please put trash in dumpsters near the dumping station.  Do not leave trash on the ground.  Only bagged household trash is acceptable.  No metal, wood, chairs, microwaves, TV’s, tarps, grills, furniture, large cardboard, plastic chairs etc. are not considered household trash and should be taken with you to be disposed of.  Small cardboard is allowed but please flatten boxes.  If you are found dumping these items, your dumping privileges will be taken away.  If you have something questionable, please ask before you just leave it. This is our home and we take pride in the cleanliness of our campground.  

PETS:  Each site 2 pet limit.  Pets must be on a short leash at all times and will not allow the pet to extend off a site in any direction.  All pets must be under control at all times and any that appear to be aggressive will not be allowed in the campground.  Pets must never be left unattended or left inside your RV if you leave the campground.  All pets must have valid documentation and is required to be with them while at Apple Valley Campground.  If any pet is creating a disturbance, the pet shall immediately be removed at the request of the Management.  Owner is responsible for cleaning up after them.  If a 2nd warning is given, the pet will have to leave immediately and the pet will NOT be allowed in the campground.   No pets allowed in the Restrooms, Rec Hall, Laundry Room, Store/Office or Pool areas.

CAMPFIRES:  State of Maine requires guest and visitors buy firewood within the state of Maine.  NO out-of- state firewood allowed.  Firewood is sold in the office and campfires must never be left unattended and fire rings are never to be moved.  Camp fires must not exceed 2 feet in height from the ground at any time.  No burning of leaves and pine cones, it smokes out your neighbors.  Please DO NOT damage or cut trees in the campground. Nails, screws or other hardware is prohibited in trees.  Please use rope or bungee cords.  Camp fires be attended at all times and must be extinguished when you retire for the night.

CAMP SITES:  One (1) RV per site.  Children (of any age) are not allowed to occupy your site in any time in your absence.  Parents are responsible for the safety and actions of their children at all times.  The dumping of grey water on the ground is against the law.  Illegal drugs & misuses of alcohol beverages will NOT be tolerated.  Marijuana is prohibited in the campground.  Driving while intoxicated in the campground is strictly prohibited and you will be asked to leave without a refund.  No fireworks, fire arms, knives, bow and arrows, etc. are permitted.   Swings are not permitted; we do have a playground available for children.  In order to prevent damage to underground water, cable, and power lines, no digging on sites is allowed without Management approval.  No trees, rocks, grass, fireplaces or site numbers should be altered in any way without permission from the office.   Cleanliness of sites should be maintained at all times. 

SEWER HOOKUPS:  If your site has sewer, we ask that all sewer connections must be tight and leak proof.  All campers must use toilet paper designed for use in recreational vehicles.  Paper clogs can be avoided.  Allow your tanks to fill up ¾ full before opening the gate valve to purge the tanks.  Gate valves must not be open on the black water tank until you are ready for purging.  Gray water is NOT allowed to be dumped on the ground; it must be taken to the dumping station.  Do not dispose of paper, clothing, sanitary napkins, tampons, grease, rocks, food scraps or anything that is not human waste in the sewer system.  Any plumbing issues caused by the camper will be corrected at the camper’s expense.  For more information or assistance, please contact the office.

PARKING:  2 cars maximum permitted per site.  Vehicles must be parked in your driveway and roads to be clear for emergency vehicles or normal traffic.  Extra vehicles, boats, trailers MUST BE parked in the visitor parking and pay any parking fees.  Washing vehicles, golf carts RV’s is prohibited.  NO excessive water use on the weekends (sprinklers).

GOLF CARTS:  Must provide the office proof of 500K Liability Insurance.  Only campers with a valid driver’s license are allowed to drive golf carts and must provide copy of licenses for anyone who will be driving golf cart and a signed waiver.   Golf carts must be operated in a safe, responsible manner and obey park speed 5 MPH or golf cart will have to vacate the campground.  No standing.   Drivers must follow manufacturer’s seating requirements.  No driving of golf carts after sunset/sundown must be parked by then in driveway and not on vegetation.  No driving on the ballfield or in the woods which is not AVC property and ABSOLUTELY NO DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED!

PROPANE:  If you wish to have your propane tank filled, please pay in the office and then leave it at the propane filling station labeled with name & site number.

Thank you for choosing to stay Apple Valley Campground.  We are proud of our campground and happy you are our guest.  We will do everything possible to ensure you have an enjoyable camping experience.  Any problems, questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the office and we will do our best to address it immediately.

Rules are subject to change without prior notification.  The owners/management at Apple Valley Campground absolve themselves from any and all liability pertaining to injury, loss, theft, property damage, accident or any other cause whatsoever.  

Revised 2022

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