Our Rules

Apple Valley Campground Rules

  1. All guests MUST be registered when entering campground.
  2. One RV per site. We do NOT offer tent sites at this time.
  3. Speed limit is 5mph throughout the campground.
  4. Only 2 vehicles per site. Please park on site or on the side of the road NOT blocking traffic flow.  Boats may NOT be parked on sites.  You may park them in the storage area but do Not drive on the grass.
  5. Pets must be on a leash at all times. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after them as well as keeping them quiet.  Pets are NOT allowed in the pool area or in the store. Do NOT leave pets unattended.
  6. No fireworks, fire arms, knives, bow and arrows, etc. are permitted.
  7. Alcohol may be consumed on sites only.
  8. Motorcycles, trail bikes, 3 & 4 wheelers motorized skateboards, battery operated ride-on kids vehicles, etc. are NOT to be ridden in the campground. Mopeds & golf carts are allowed with the following restrictions:
  • Operated by licensed drivers only!!
  • No standing in golf carts
  • Proof of liability insurance must be presented to the office before they may be operated.
  • Mopeds are restricted to one person and golf carts may not exceed the manufacturer recommended seating capacity.
  • Remove keys when not in operation.
  • Golf carts MUST have at least 3” site numbers posted on them.
  • Golf carts and mopeds may NOT be driven after DUSK!! Drive only on campground roadways
  1. One person per bike. Bikes are not to be ridden after DUSK!  The driveway area is NOT to be used for biking, roller blading, roller skating, etc.  Helmets required by law.
  2. No walking or driving across other’s campsites.
  3. No trees, rocks, grass, fireplaces or site numbers should be altered in any way without permission from the office.
  4. In order to prevent damage to underground water, cable and power lines, no digging on sites is allowed without permission from the office.
  5. NO excessive water use on the weekends (sprinklers). Washing of vehicles is prohibited.  Gray water is NOT to be dumped on the ground.  It should be taken to the dumping station.
  6. Fires may not exceed 3 feet in height from the ground at any time. Fires are not to be left   Burn only clean, untreated wood. Do not burn trash or put trash in fireplaces.
  7. Please put trash in the dumpster near the dumping station. Do not leave trash on the ground.  Only bagged household trash is acceptable –  no metal, wood ,etc.  Please flatten all cardboard boxes.
  8. No swings are allowed on sites.
  9. Cleanliness of restrooms is encouraged. Please report any problems to the office.
  1. If you wish to have your propane tank filled, please leave it at the propane filling station labeled with name and site number.
  2. Children’s play areas include the game field, rec hall and the swimming pool. Children are NOT to be playing in the bath houses or surrounding areas.  The store porch is NOT a play area!!!
  3. Pool hours are: 9am – 8pm. daily. Children under 14 must have an adult 18 or older with them to supervise.
  4. Game room hours are: Sun – Thurs 8am-10pm.  Fri – Sat 8am-10pm.
  5. Quite hours are: Sun – Thurs 10pm-8am.  Fri – Sat 11pm-8 am. (Motorcycles owners please be considerate of your neighbors). All children must be on their site during these times!
  6. Cleanliness of sites should be maintained at all times.
  7. Campers will be liable for any damages incurred by themselves of their guests.
  8. Courteous manners are expected at all times and in all places!!!!
  9. Failures to abide by any of the above rules will result in the loss of camping privileges without a refund.

WI FI SUPPORT 1-866-579-7336

Thank you for choosing to stay at Apple Valley Campground.  We are proud of our campground, and happy to have you as our guest.  We will do everything possible to ensure you have am enjoyable camping experience.

Revised 2018


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